WIZNAV 2.1.3 + Cat addon Module

WIZNAV The new generation (Back Office Interface)

If you are using multiple languages on your site you will need to translate all the tabs to the respective language and also if you are using the menu included it or category and search you will have to go to:
Back Office >>Tools>>Translations and choose “Modules Translations” and click on the flag according the language to be translated and search for the prestashop – wiznav – 31 expressions.

This is very important especially if you are using wiznav custom bar with the Category and search tab ON. If you don’t do it the category and search tab probably won’t show.

Remember languages included are English, French and Spanish so you must need to translate if using another language not included in package.

Wiznav 2.1.3 by Hieloiceberg
French and Spanish Translation By junnecito
Turkish and German Translation By basar67
Portuguese Translation By ribamar23
Italian Translation By havanaclub
Prestashop Version
Only test it on IE7 and Mozila Firefox sorry!
I do not use anything else

Module Download: Download this module

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2 Responses to “WIZNAV 2.1.3 + Cat addon Module”

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  • Bryants says:

    Hi all,I did some digging today and found the caesus of the 2 main issues I was having. I will post them here in case others are having similar issues.The first was that Fedex shipping methods were not being added correctly from the configure screen. I would get the new shipping method under the shipping tab but no corresponding entry in configure shipping methods or the ps_fedex_method database table. This is because the function to add new shipping methods to the database would submit without the id_carrier field and then try to update, but id_carrier had no default value so the first query would error out and the second would do nothing.So to fix this problem, go into the database under ps_fedex_method and add a default value for id_carrier, I used NULL.The second was that the fedex shipping methods would always return free on the orders screen. This is because I had arbitrarily put in 300kg as the weight for my test product and it was out of range for the fedex API. There is a very handy line for debugging on line 94 of Classes/fedexRate.phpecho .$this->xmlreturndata. “;If you uncomment this, it will show you the return xml from FedEx which is invaluable in debugging.Hopefully this helps someone, nice module guys! Even though it was a little rocky it still saved me a ton of time.

  • Mehemmed says:

    Hello…my prestashop version is i cant find $smarty->assign(array(
    ‘HOOK_HEADER’ => Module::hookExec(‘header’),
    ‘HOOK_LEFT_COLUMN’ => Module::hookExec(‘leftColumn’),
    ‘HOOK_TOP’ => Module::hookExec(‘top’),
    ‘static_token’ => Tools::getToken(false),
    ‘token’ => Tools::getToken(),
    ‘priceDisplayPrecision’ => _PS_PRICE_DISPLAY_PRECISION_,
    ‘content_only’ => intval(Tools::getValue(‘content_only’))
    )); this code where place in header.php please help me where is header.php..thanks a lot..please send answer to my mail 10suz.az@inbox.ru