Wholesale Support Module

This is support for wholesale. Added 3 price levels (W/O VAT) for each product (editable in BO).

Next, you should add three customer groups and if customer is in one of these groups, after login he has his prices displayed.

Works in product detail, products list, cart and order.

Do not remember to check product categories for group acces. (Someone may have products only for end users, not for dealers.)

Further info is in readme.txt

Not recommended for beginners, as changes in db and php files are needed. Tested and works in presta

Free Download Module Wholesale Support 1.3.1

Wholesale Support Module Homepage

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One Response to “Wholesale Support Module”

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  • Louis-Pierre says:

    Your module does not take into account prices that vary according to product groups and attributes. For example, if a 4GB MacBook costs 100 euros more that the 2GB default model, your module does not allow to define a pricing for a client group for each attribute (in table ps_product_attribute). It allows only to define different pricing for the default model (table ps_product).

    Do you plan to upgrade your code?