Search By Attribute Module

Search By attribute module working fine now, Advanced Search, Filter by attributes, Filter search product.

Added feature and Bug fixes in the latest version 3.

1) Select dropdown reset issue solved
2) Product combinations with “0” quantity not shown now
3) Search by attribute block works in both columns.
4) Picture shown in search listing matches the attribute selected
5) Attributes with no products in them are not shown anymore
6) Clarification : Products only with pictures will be shown. Add the “No Image Availaible” picture in the product as cover.
7) The Search now remembers the last selected criteria.
8) Added a “X” to remove search criteria

More features to be hopefully added soon.

Demo at

Module Download: Download this module

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2 Responses to “Search By Attribute Module”

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  • Brian says:

    Hey is there a 1.4 version for this?

  • Nikos says:


    is this compatible with ?

    Thank you!