Product Export Module v0.4

Prestashop Product Export Module Features:

* Choose what to export by dragging and dropping from available fields.
* Choose how you want the export ordered by easily sorting the selected fields.
* Save an export so you can load your chosen fields again later.
* Clean easy to use interface.
* Language Select.
* Delimiter option.

UPDATE v0.4:
Changed the export folder to the upload folder in the root of prestashop to avoid permission issues.

UPDATE v0.3:
Added support for prestashop 1.1.
Hopefully fixed permissions problems by creating a seperate directory for csv file on install.
Fixed reinstall issues by adding a DROP if exists before the tables are created on install.

Download: Export Products v0.4

Please remember this module is still at beta stage and has not be tested fully. It should work for most versions of prestashop if not all. Also backup your database before doing any export/imports.


Visite Module Homepage

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