IonCannon’s Express Checkout V1.0

IonCannon’s Express Checkout Module Goals/Benefits:

– Provide a faster/easier checkout process for customers

– Increase conversions and decrease cart abandonment

– Minimize impact to Prestashop’s core functions

– It’s free to try, use, modify as you see fit for your store

IonCannon’s Express Checkout Module Features:

– Adds an express/guest checkout feature to Prestashop 1.1 or 1.2+

– All steps are on one page except final payment.

– Billing AND shipping addresses are entered in beginning to reduce this confusion for customers

– Shipping address can be copied from Billing details

– Guest’s accounts are created but registered user features are hidden

– Guest’s can later activate their Express accounts if they choose

If you would like to make a small donation to this module, especially if you feel it has benefited your shop feel free to send via Paypal to This module will remain freeware.

Download: ionexpress-v1.01-ps-1.2


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10 Responses to “IonCannon’s Express Checkout V1.0”

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  • Just tries this on 1.3.2 and I can’t see the module even though it said it downloaded correctly.

  • Olivier says:

    So it doesnt work with 1.3.x ?

  • mimi says:

    This module is nice! Thank you.

  • mimi says:

    I spent the last hour trying to get this to work put every file in there respective places and uploaded all then edited the sql table and ……NOTHING…..HAPPENED??????…..Anyone have any ideas about why and what I can do to fix this???? Any help would be great thanks

  • I tried this on 1.3.1 and this module worked well. Thanks for your nice module.

  • Michael says:

    Have installed this on v. – following every step in the ‘Express Checkout Modification.doc’ (included in the ZIP archive) and is working properly.
    If your language is not English you will need to translate the items TOOLS>Traductions.
    Thank you very much. BIG HELP!!

  • Amy R says:

    Iinstalled this but it isn’t functioning properly. Please help! I think I need to remove it, but not sure how!!

  • Linen says:

    This module works on 1.4. I am going to place Prestashop here:
    Then you can all see how nice it is.

  • Lowryder says:

    This module really is nice! Thank you

  • Boris says:

    Good module thank you.