Menu Modules

WIZNAV 2.1.3 + Cat addon Module

WIZNAV The new generation (Back Office Interface) If you are using multiple languages on your site you will need to translate all the tabs to the respective language and also if you are using the menu included it or category and search you will have to go to: Back Office >>Tools>>Translations and choose “Modules Translations” and click on the flag according the language to be translated and search for the prestashop – wiznav – 31 expressions. This is very important especially ...

Sliding accordion categories block

Module Description: Sliding accordion categories block features include: * Top-level categories slide so that only one set of subcategories is visible at a time, which saves room when there are many categories. * Configuration page allows one of following slide animations to be used: None, Default, Ease and Bounce. * The categories can be set to slide on mouse click or mouse hover. * The block height can be set to a fixed size or a variable size that changes based on how ma...

Horizontal Category Menu Module

Module Description: This is a horizontal category bar module. Module Download: Free download Horizontal Category Menu Module Module Homepage: Horizontal Category Menu Module